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Technet_nanoEU Reference

Technet_nano is an alliance of public clean rooms and research facilities within the field of nanotechnology. We provide straight forward access to high technologies in the Baltic Sea Region for small and medium sized enterprises.


EKSPLA is manufacturer of solid state lasers, laser systems and optoelectronics for basic research and industrial applications. In house design and manufacturing ensures operative development and production of new products. High peak power laser systems; short pulse generation and amplification; tunable nonlinear OPO/OPG/OPA; nonlinear spectroscopy are among core competencies of EKSPLA.


R&D projects in the field of laser development and laser applications. Technical and scientific consulting to link research and practice. Industry-oriented training of experts for applying and operating laser systems


The Leibniz Institute for Surface Modification carries out basic and applied research on physical and chemical mechanisms which are important at fabrication and modification of isolating, metallic, semi-conducting and polymeric surface layers.


Solarion develops and produces thin-film solar cells and modules using a proprietary manufacturing process that deposits a thin layer of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) on the lightest substrate available at reduced deposition temperature.


Prof. May Griffith 


Bioquant facility at University of Heildelberg, Germany offers Quantitative Analysis of Molecular and Cellular Biosystems at their advanced microscopy facility.


Ferentis is a research-intensive biotechnology company to  commercialise biomimetic peptides and peptide-based scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Ferentis is currently based at Baltfab premises and offers their peptide synthesis capabilities for customers.




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