Microcontact printing service

Microcontact Printing (uCP) patterns are transferred manually by pressing a prefabricated PDMS stamp onto substrate. Our specialty is soft bio-organic substrates, i.e. gels for implants. We use uCP for direct deposition of conducting and bi-functional compounds and nano-particles, DNA, proteins, etc on soft substrates. We also offer custom patterns, using PDMS stamps.

Tested materials:

Thyols, proteins (i.e. fibronectin, BSA) on gold, glass, plastic, hydrogel, collagen surfaces (all stampable using PDMS)

Application notes:

We offer custom cell chip patterns, made with fibronectin on hydrogel coated surfaces.

Chip sizes

Standard: 20×20mm × 180 µm (WxDxH)glass slides

Custom: from 5 mm to 5 cm

Pattern sizes

From 1 µm to 500 µm

Minimal solution volume applied for one chip

10 µl

Stable in

Air, aqueous buffer and ethanol solutions

More information about cell chips are at our flyer: Custom cell chips.pdf

Our examples:


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