Starting Your Project

Prior to beginning a project, Users must fill an application form for BALTFAB services. This form will be evaluated by BALTFAB and confirmation/decline will be replied by email.

The assigned BALTFAB scientist, the User’s primary contact, will ensure that the project progresses and that all onsite Users conform to BALTFAB safety policies and procedures. He or she will arrange the onsite visits and the scheduling of work with the User. Only the assigned scientist can authorize the commencement of the project. Onsite Users bear their own living, local transportation and travel costs.
To protect User interests, we ask you to sign the agreement for contract research.

Completing Your Project

The assigned scientist with users cooperation will write the report about the commenced experiments. This will be used as confirmation of commenced work, outlining not only results, but also difficulties, sustained during the project operation.

Code of Conduct

BALTFAB is operating at Center for Physical Sciences and Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, therefore claims are handled under the a fore mentioned standard procedures.

Practical information

BALTFAB is easiest to access by taxi. For accommodation is best to use any of Vilnius hotels. We will gladly arrange both upon request.


Martynas Gavutis
+370 526 616 55

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