BALTFAB is a joint Open User Facility between Laser technologies and Nano-engineering departments at Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), Lithuania. We offer a full range of nano/micro and macro fabrication as well as laser patterning, marking and cutting on any required material. Our state of the art Laser-fab is equipped with full variety of industrial ns, ps and fs lasers. We are experts to set-up, test and develop laser micro-machining processes and systems. Soft nano-lithography tools for rapid creation of nano-structures are also tested to be live cell compatible. We routinely apply patterns to improve the bio-compatibility of medical devices. Our team is also constantly developing tools for detection of molecules on surfaces, to fasten the testing and evaluation of cells or drugs.


Laser Laboratory for Micro-technology

Laser Laboratory for Micro-technology is dedicated for laser-based material processing technology. Physical processes occurring in the interaction between pulsed laser radiation and matter together with energy redistribution within the volume of solid, liquid and gaseous phases determines the quality of the laser machining process. Laboratory studies optimal relationships between the laser radiation and in process material parameters. The test materials are selected for their applications in manufacturing of micro devices, suitable in diagnostics and biotechnology.


Nano-engineering laboratory is equipped for development and improvement of new nano-materials, structures and processes that are applicable to life sciences and medical technology. Our specialty is the non-standard, self-assembly based structure formation methods. This gives us the opportunity to develop reliable experimental platforms for research of macro-molecular structures, as well as bio-chips, bio-medical materials and their devices prototypes.


Scientists and students within BALTFAB facility constantly develop new technologies and new materials. To increase our visibility we describe our results under Applications notes. We also show our time estimates for replication of the published results. All applications notes have been done within BALTFAB facility, unless otherwise noted.


Our facility is primarily focused to develop material fabrication and manipulation processes. Here we present our currently used processes with the basic description of their performance and suitability for applications.


BALTFAB offers equipment rent and user training services. You can find our equipment with brief descriptions of their capabilities under Equipment. We also rent out laser fabrication rooms with separate access.


BALTFAB has collaboration with multiple partners for access to wider expertise and services. We are present in the Technet_nano network, where full scale cleanroom facilities are available. Cleanroom processed materials are readily fabricated in our laboratories.

Laser technologies are well connected to Ekspla laser manufacturer, allowing us to provide clients with customized laser systems. We also are currently working with high throughput facility of Heidelberg University and biomaterials GMP lab of Linköping university to test the cell and tissue compatibility of our processes.


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